Miss Sake India 2024 Fosters Cultural Exchange in Japan

Menakaa Rai, the reigning Miss Sake India 2024, recently embarked on a cultural immersion journey across Japan, fostering connections and promoting sake appreciation between the two nations.

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Rai’s action-packed itinerary included attending the Miss SAKE Japan finale in Kyoto on June 7th, where she delivered a captivating speech highlighting the potential of sake in India and its role in bridging cultural ties. Her heartfelt message resonated deeply with the Japanese audience.

Throughout her visit, Rai delved into the rich tapestry of Japanese culture. She explored iconic landmarks in Kyoto, learned the intricate art of Ikebana flower arrangement, and crafted her own Uchiwa fan, a symbol of Japanese craftsmanship.

Rai’s passion for sake shone through during her visit to the renowned Tsukinokatsura sake brewery on June 10th. Accompanied by Mr. Kenshi Ueyama, the 2024 Mr. Sake Japan, she gained invaluable insights into the meticulous sake production process and savored a variety of sake varieties. Rai also visited the Shigemasu Sake Brewery in Fukuoka, known for its presence in India. There, she explored their unique brewing techniques and enjoyed a tasting of their exquisite sake.

Rai’s cultural exploration extended beyond sake. She joined members of WAOJE for insightful sightseeing in Kyoto and Hiroshima, visiting historical sites like the Hiroshima Peace Memorial. These experiences provided a deeper understanding of Japan’s rich history and resilience.

Rai’s immersive journey included a visit to Tanaka Mill, a company specializing in artisanal karaage powders and authentic Japanese cuisine. There, she actively participated in preparing a traditional Japanese curry dish, creating a memorable culinary experience.

About Menakaa Rai

Menakaa Rai, an actress and model, wears the crown of Miss Sake India 2024 with pride. Her dedication to promoting sake appreciation and fostering cultural connections between India and Japan is truly commendable.

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