Shinkansen Crowds Expected for Golden Week Holidays, Seat Reservations Urged.

TOKYO, Japan – April 24, 2024Traveler’s planning to utilise the Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen bullet
trains during the upcoming Golden Week holiday period, running from April 26 to May 6, are advised
to secure their seats in advance due to anticipated heavy passenger volume.


Golden Week, a series of national holidays in Japan, is a notoriously busy travel time. This year, with
the extended break lasting 11 days, a significant surge in ridership is expected on the Tokaido and
Sanyo Shinkansen lines, which connect major cities like Tokyo, Osaka, and Fukuoka.


“We encourage travellers to book their Shinkansen tickets as soon as possible, especially those
planning to travel during peak hours,” said a spokesperson for Japan Railways (JR), the operator of
the Shinkansen network.

We recommend using “Smart EX” to make your reservation.

With “Smart EX”, you can book a reserved seat from your smartphone or computer one year before
the boarding date without lining up at the station counter. Please take this opportunity to register for
“Smart EX” and book a reserved seat in advance.

  • One year advance reservations are limited to some products. Furthermore, the number of seats
    that can be reserved is limited.

While both reserved and non-reserved seating options are available on most Shinkansen trains, non-reserved cars tend to fill up quickly during peak travel periods. Passengers without reserved seats
risk having to wait for a later train or stand for the duration of their journey.

Reservations can be made online, at JR ticket offices, or through travel agents. JR also offers special
discount passes for multi-day travel during Golden Week.

For a smooth and comfortable travel experience during the upcoming holidays, planning ahead and
securing reserved seats on the Shinkansen is highly recommended.

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