Swipe Right for Japan: Government Creates Dating App to Combat Declining Birthrate

In a bold move to address a national crisis, the Tokyo City Hall in Japan has announced the launch of a new initiative called “Tokyo Futari Story” (Tokyo Two People Story). This program aims to combat loneliness and the nation’s declining birth rate, which Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has called the “gravest crisis our country faces.”

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The centrepiece of “Tokyo Futari Story” is a government-developed dating app, currently under development with a targeted release date of late 2024. The app will be accessible on both smartphones and web browsers, though specific features have yet to be revealed.

This initiative comes amidst a long-standing trend in Japan of a declining birth rate and a growing elderly population. The country’s fertility rate is one of the world’s lowest, with married couples having an average of less than 1.5 children. This trend, coupled with an increasing life expectancy, has led to a shrinking workforce and a strain on social security systems.

By creating a platform specifically designed to foster connections and potentially lead to marriage and child-rearing, the Japanese government hopes to reverse this concerning trend.

While some may find government intervention in dating lives unusual, “Tokyo Futari Story” reflects the seriousness with which Japan views its demographic crisis. The success of the app remains to be seen, but it certainly represents a unique approach to a pressing national concern.

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