Fuji Television and Tech Mahindra Join Forces for Global Content Creation

Fuji Television, Japan’s leading broadcaster, and Tech Mahindra, a prominent Indian IT company, announced a strategic partnership to co-develop and produce content for the global entertainment market.This long-term collaboration leverages the strengths of both companies to reach new audiences worldwide.

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The partnership focuses on combining Fuji Television’s extensive content library with Tech Mahindra’s expertise in localisation and animation. This will allow them to tailor Fuji TV’s content for Indian audiences through dubbing,subtitling, and even animation services. Tech Mahindra will also assist Fuji TV in licensing its content to OTT (Over-the-top) and PayTV platforms in both India and Japan.

This move highlights the growing importance of the Indian entertainment market. With its vast and increasingly digital population, India offers a significant opportunity for foreign content creators. “The rapidly growing Indian entertainment market is drawing global attention,” said Toru Ota, Executive Vice President of Fuji Television Network. “We are thrilled to partner with Tech Mahindra to explore content strategies for the Indian market and introduce our content to a wider audience.”

Tech Mahindra, on the other hand, gains access to Fuji TV’s established production capabilities and rich content library.They can leverage this to develop fresh content for the global market, potentially incorporating animation expertise from their own studios. “We partnered with Fuji TV to bring their content library to Indian audiences in various local languages,” said Harshvendra Soin, President of Tech Mahindra’s Asia Pacific and Japan Business. “This partnership strengthens our position in the media and entertainment industry, and we see immense potential for creating content that resonates with audiences worldwide.”

Experts believe this collaboration could lead to exciting new content offerings that bridge cultural divides. By combining high-quality Japanese content with Tech Mahindra’s localisation skills, the partnership is poised to entertain viewers across the globe.

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