Popular Hyderabad Eateries Busted for Expired Food, Hygiene Lapses

In a recent raid conducted by the Telangana Commissioner of Food Safety, popular eateries and restaurants across Hyderabad were found to be violating food safety regulations and harbouring unhygienic practices.

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The raid, which targeted establishments across various categories, uncovered a range of concerning issues, including:

  • Expired Food:
    • Rameshwaram Cafe, known for its South Indian fare, was caught with a significant amount of expired food items, including Urad Dal, curd, and milk.
    • Karachi Bakery, a trusted local chain, had expired bakery products like rusks, biscuits, and cakes on their shelves.
    • Baskin Robbins, a world-renowned ice cream brand, stored expired chocolate pieces.
  • Hygiene Concerns:
    • Bahubali Kitchen displayed a severe cockroach infestation in addition to improper food storage and unclean kitchen conditions.
    • Water stagnation was observed in the cleaning area, raising sanitation concerns.
  • Improper Food Handling:
    • Several restaurants, including Rameshwaram Cafe and Taco Bell, lacked proper documentation for reusing cooking oil, potentially exceeding safe limits.
    • Food handlers at Baskin Robbins did not have the required medical fitness certificates.
  • FSSAI Violations:
    • Karachi Bakery failed to display use-by dates on pastries and cakes, violating FSSAI regulations.
    • Unlabelled products were found at multiple establishments.
    • Vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items were stored together at some outlets.

These findings come as a shock, considering many of these restaurants boast high ratings on food delivery platforms like Swiggy and Zomato, often accompanied by appealing pictures that don’t reflect the reality uncovered during the inspection.

The Commissioner of Food Safety has urged consumers to be vigilant when dining out. While these raids were conducted in Hyderabad, similar situations are likely prevalent across the country.

This incident highlights the importance of responsible food practices by restaurants and the need for informed consumer choices. Remember, your health is your responsibility. Choose wisely when dining out.

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