Girlfriend on Rent” Reel Goes Viral, But Not as Expected

A recent Instagram Reel sparked a firestorm online, with a young woman offering herself as a “girlfriend for rent.” Divya Giri, a 25-year-old content writer from Gurugram, posted the video inspired by Japan’s well-known rental girlfriend services. However, the concept didn’t translate well across cultures.

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Giri’s reel, which included a “rate chart” for dates, garnered over 9 million views. While some found it humorous, many criticized it. The concept of renting a girlfriend is unfamiliar and even frowned upon in Indian society. Comments ranged from jokes about Giri being stuck in a “Japan filter” to concerns about the reel’s legitimacy and potential dangers.

Giri, however, maintains the video was meant as a social experiment and a joke. Her reasons for including a “price tag” on the dates were not financial, but rather a way to spark conversation about societal expectations around relationships.

Despite her intentions, the video resulted in a different kind of social commentary. It highlighted the cultural differences between India and Japan, where the concept of renting companionship is more established. The episode serves as a reminder that viral content doesn’t always translate universally.

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