India, Japan Join Forces to Build Safe and Trustworthy AI

Recognizing the potential risks alongside the immense potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI), India and Japan have pledged to collaborate on developing safe, secure, and trustworthy AI. This announcement comes from Hiroshi Yoshida, Japanese Vice-Minister for Policy Coordination (Internal Affairs), during the ongoing “Global India AI Mission 2024” summit in New Delhi.

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Praising India’s advancements in the field of AI, Yoshida highlighted India’s early commitment to harnessing AI’s true potential responsibly. He expressed confidence that India and Japan, along with other participating nations, can work together to achieve the goal of a safe and trustworthy AI for the world.

The two-day summit, hosted by India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), brings together experts to discuss critical issues related to AI development. India has emphasized its commitment to the ethical and inclusive growth of AI technology.

This collaboration between India and Japan signifies a growing international effort to ensure that AI is developed and deployed responsibly, mitigating potential risks while maximizing its benefits for society.

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