Japan to Streamline Childcare with Nationwide Support Database

Tokyo, Japan – May 13, 2024 – In a move to strengthen child care resources, the Japanese government is creating a nationwide database to compile information on childcare support systems across all 1,741 municipalities. Expected to be completed by the end of the fiscal year in March, the database aims to ensure parents don’t miss out on crucial benefits and ensure children receive necessary checkups.
This centralised system will provide data for private companies to develop childcare support apps. By linking the database with existing apps for maternal and child health handbooks and parent-teacher communication tools, the government hopes to deliver essential information directly to parents.


The database will encompass a wide range of childcare support measures, including details on:

  • Childbirth and childcare lump-sum grants
  • Subsidies for babysitting fees
  • Infant feeding education programs
  • Financial assistance for children who have lost a parent

Preschool-aged children will be a primary focus, given the varying childcare support structures based on a child’s age and family income. Once established, the government will require municipalities to update the database annually to maintain its accuracy and provide parents with the most recent information.

This initiative comes amidst a national push to improve childcare access and support working parents. By streamlining information access, the government hopes to empower families and ease the burden of navigating childcare options. However, some concerns remain regarding data privacy and security of the centralised database. The government has yet to address these concerns publicly.

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