Journey Through Words: Kolkata’s Tram Library.

Kolkata's Tram Library.
(Image- C4O Cities)

Trams hold a special place in the hearts of many people around the world, often make people nostalgic and remind them of their good old times. Trams which are known as streetcars or trolley in some places are to be seen in many places, but today we will be talking about trams in Japan and Kolkata.

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This is Connect India-Japan and today we will be covering a beautiful initiative that has been taken in Kolkata and some of the old stories that are still alive.

Kolkata which is also known as “City of Joy” has taken a beautiful initiative by introducing India’s first tram library in college street, it is also said that if a book doesn’t exist in College Street, it was never published. This initiative was taken to increase the appeal of using electrified trams as the choice mode of transport among students in Kolkata.

Tram library is a special tram with a section for books, magazines, and various exam material. The books are updated regularly. The tram also has free wi-fi, allowing passengers to access e-books on top of the books in the library.

Now, let us talk about trams in one more country where trams hold beautiful memories in people hearts, and it is none other than Japan. The tram in Japan holds lot of memories from family tradition in Hiroshima to community support in Kumamoto. If you are visiting Japan, make a point of riding a tram to capture something of Japan’s history. Trams in Japan which are also known as romendensha in Japanese, are present in Japan since early 20* century to the 1950s and 1960s. The cities in Japan where trams operate are Hiroshima and they are operated by Hiroden, followed by Kagoshima, Kumamoto, Nagasaki. So, you can definitely take a trip across these cities and have a wonderful experience.

Trams illustrate a sense of belongingness, connect people, and serve as more than just a mode of transportation. They become woven into the fabrics of people lives, shaping memories and experiences for generations. The initiative taken in Kolkata will be allowing so many people to make memories and will also encourage reading amongst youngsters.

Reference: C40 CITIES.


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