Daiso Swaps Closing Melody for Tourists Who Miss the Musical Cue

Japan’s beloved 100 yen shop chain, Daiso, is making a surprising change to cater to its growing international customer base. The company announced plans to ditch the traditional closing-time music, a gentle tune known as “Hotaru no Hikari” (The Light of a Firefly), in favor of a more universally understood closing signal.

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For decades, Japanese stores have relied on “Hotaru no Hikari” as a subtle nudge to customers that closing time is approaching. The soft melody serves as a cultural cue for shoppers to wrap up their purchases and head to the checkout.However, with the rise of foreign tourism, Daiso is finding this tradition increasingly lost in translation.

“We’ve noticed that many foreign customers aren’t familiar with the closing-time music,” said a Daiso spokesperson.”This can lead to confusion and delays near closing time, which isn’t ideal for either our customers or our staff.”

The exact nature of the replacement signal remains unclear. Daiso is considering options like pre-recorded announcements, chimes, or even flashing lights to ensure a clear and universal closing time indicator.

This move reflects the growing importance of international customers for Japanese businesses. While “Hotaru no Hikari” may hold a nostalgic charm for domestic shoppers, clear communication becomes paramount in a globalized marketplace.Daiso’s decision highlights the delicate balance between cultural tradition and catering to a diverse clientele.

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