Indian and Japanese Startups Bridge the Gap at SusHi Tech 2024 Meetup

Fostering innovation and collaboration across borders, the India-Japan Startup Matching Meetup, held on May 14th, 2024, brought together rising stars from both nations. The event, organised by the Indian IT Association Japan (IITAJ), Fox Academy, and Carve Startup Labs, served as a key networking platform during SusHi Tech 2024.

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The meetup, held at Nirvanam (Indian Restaurant Chain) Tokyo Big Sight Branch, provided a valuable exchange for Indian and Japanese startups. The Indian delegation gained insights into the Japanese business landscape, exploring the facilities and opportunities available for their ventures. Meanwhile, Japanese startups had the chance to connect and interact with their Indian counterparts.

This initiative builds upon the efforts of IITAJ, founded by Mr. Anil Raj and Mr. Jishnu Madhavan, to promote Indian IT companies in Japan. Fox Academy, led by Ms. Vijayalakshmi Karuppasamy and Mr. Prakash Raja, further strengthens the bridge with their EdTech expertise. Carve Startup Labs, under the leadership of Mr. Vishnu Nagaraj and Mrs. Alisha Davis, played a crucial role in facilitating the global expansion of Indian startups.

The India-Japan Startup Matching Meetup signifies a significant step towards a more connected and collaborative startup ecosystem between the two nations. By fostering knowledge sharing and potential partnerships, this event paves the way for future success stories in the tech landscape.

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