Indian IT poised for growth in Japan: Ambassador envisions tenfold increase

Tokyo, Japan – The Indian IT Association of Japan (IITAJ) met with H.E. Mr. Sibi George, India’s Ambassador to Japan,on the sidelines of SusHiTech 2024. The discussion entered on boosting India’s IT presence in the Japanese market.

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Ambassador George outlined ambitious goals, calling for a tenfold increase in three key areas:

  • Japanese companies in India: From the current 1,500 to a staggering 15,000.
  • Indian students in Japan: A tenfold jump from 1,500 to 15,000 students pursuing education in Japan.
  • Indian IT professionals in Japan: An increase from 40,000 to 400,000, signifying a significant boost in employment opportunities.

He emphasised the vast potential within Japan, highlighting that 27 prefectures boast a GDP exceeding $50 billion USD,surpassing the GDP of many countries. This presents a lucrative landscape for Indian IT companies and businesses to flourish.

IITAJ founders, Mr. Anil Raj and Mr. Jishnu Madhavan, expressed optimism for India-Japan business relations following the meeting. They acknowledged the immense potential for collaboration and called for increased exchange programmes,with more Indian delegations visiting Japan and vice versa.

IITAJ, a forum for Indian IT CEOs in Japan, represents over 60 member companies. The association functions as a collective voice for Indian IT SMEs, addressing their specific challenges and fostering growth within the Japanese market.

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