IndoJapanPulse – Sakura (Spring) 2024 Photo contest

IndoJapanPulse - Sakura (Spring) 2024 Photo contest

🌸 Did you know!!!!! 🌸


Cherry blossom trees, known as sakura in Japanese, are different from other cherry trees. They don’t bear fruit but instead burst into beautiful pink or white flowers each spring, lasting just a short time. In Japan, they’re deeply symbolic, marking the start of the school year in April and representing luck, love, and the arrival of spring. Their fleeting bloom reminds us to appreciate life’s brief moments and cherish them. 🌸


Today Connect India-Japan brought an excited news for all photograph lovers.

🌟✨🔔 [Attention] all photography enthusiasts! Get ready to capture the breathtaking beauty of cherry blossom trees in the IndoJapanPulse Sakura (Spring) Photo Contest 2024! Sponsored by Nirvanam, this contest offers exciting prizes for the best Sakura photos.

🏆 **Prizes:**

🥇 First Prize: ¥20,000 worth of coupons

🥈 Second Prize: ¥10,000 worth of coupons

🥉 Third Prize: ¥5,000 worth of coupons

Submit your entries by April 15th, 2024, and stand a chance to win! Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your skills and celebrate the fleeting yet mesmerising beauty of Sakura. Visit the link to submit your photos: Also there will be reputed judges like Pooja Tiwari ,Saji Raju 🌟 Happy clicking! 🖱️

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