Driver’s License Process Gets Easier in India: No More Mandatory RTO Tests From June 1st

Getting a driver’s license in India is about to become more convenient. The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has announced a new set of regulations that will be implemented starting June 1, 2024. These changes aim to simplify the process by removing the mandatory driving test requirement at Regional Transport Offices (RTOs).

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Here’s what you need to know about the new driving license rules:

  • Shifting Test Gears: Applicants will now have the option to take their practical driving tests at government-approved private training centers. This eliminates the need to visit the RTO for the test, potentially reducing wait times and streamlining the process.
  • Private Sector Participation: To ensure quality control, private driving schools will need to meet specific criteria set by the government. This includes having a minimum land area for training, qualified instructors, and proper testing facilities.
  • Focus on Safety: While the test location changes, the importance of safe driving remains paramount. The new rules address the need for stricter penalties for driving without a valid license. Offenders can now face fines as high as ₹2,000, and a hefty ₹25,000 penalty will be imposed on minors caught driving without a license, with potential action against their parents.

This move by MoRTH is expected to make obtaining a driver’s license more accessible and efficient. It also places greater responsibility on private driving schools to ensure proper training and equip new drivers with the skills necessary for safe driving on Indian roads.

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One thought on “Driver’s License Process Gets Easier in India: No More Mandatory RTO Tests From June 1st

  1. Sadly most of Indians never undergo tests at RTO. The touts help them get a license by paying bribes. I booked a test and RTO staff himself asked me to talk to a tout standing outside if I want to get it fast.

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